Strona główna

“Centrum Mody Hurt i Dystrybucja” enterprise was found in 1990 as a family business. Since then it has been engaged into garments’ professional distribution. Our company background came from 1950’s when the owner’s father set up his small tailor’s business. Nowadays his mission is continued and developed by third generation of the family.

The company operates as most experienced and professional clothing wholesaler in north-east Poland and runs its own brand and franchise stores in local shopping-malls.

From the very beginning company’s founders have been paying huge attention to provide professional service and well-adapted offers to customers’ needs, which let “Centrum Mody” become significant garments distributor in north-east Poland.

Our company’s motto says: "high quality with reasonable prices".

We are local agent of several dozen leading garments producers as well as we are importer of our own collections. We are able to provide distribution throughout the whole country by setting up cooperation with other Polish distributors and wholesalers. Additionally “Centrum Mody” has got exclusive right to distribute DANKOFF brand collection.

We are interested in your offer of sport and ski jackets, ski-trouses or cooperation at distrybution your brand in Polish market?

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